DIY Kombucha Kit Offers


More Flavors

With over 10 flavors and counting, you'll brew something new each and every month.

Inexpensive Compared to the Store

1 Gallon of kombucha is 16 12 oz bottles. This would cost you $60+ in most stores.

More Options

From new homebrewers to experienced brewmasters, DIY Kombucha Kit will provide the ingredients and equipments to brew something amazing.

DIY Kombucha Kit Understands

The Value of Quality


Each month, the DIY Kombucha Kit team hand curates the DIY kombucha kits for you and the DIY kombucha community.

Responsibly Sourced

As a company, DIY Kombucha is working one step at a time to help create a healthier, more just and sustainable food system. We are on a journey to do business in a different way.

Service from Warehouse to Your House

If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. We strive for excellence in all areas of business

DIY Kombucha Kit Works with

Trusted Partners

Deliciously Curated

You can taste the difference quality makes. Our partners help us ensure you get the kind of ingredients you can truly feel good about.

Locally Packaged

DIY Kombucha Kit supports the local community by hand packing their kits at a local food business incubator and believes in the energy you put into the world comes back to you.

Thoughtfully Sourced

We care about the impact of our business. Whether from land or sea, we always look for ingredients that are thoughtfully grown and raised.

"Wow! This has totally revolutionized the way I do kombucha! I love waiting to get my box in the mail and see what fun new ingredients I get to use. One thing that I've really appreciated about your service is how generous the portions of ingredients are. I try to keep my fridge pretty well stocked with kombucha throughout the month, and I'm normally able to make two big batches with the tea I get in my DIY box. Getting quality ingredients can be so expensive, so it's super fun to have enough to last throughout the whole month." - Hannah J.

Make your next kombucha batch your greatest homebrew ever!