DIY Kombucha Kit Master Recipe

Below is the DIY Kombucha kit master recipe.

Recipe for making kombucha tea

Necessary Equipment

There's some equipment that you need to have to make 1 gallon of kombucha tea:

  • 1 Gallon Food Grade Container
  • Raw Muslin Cloth
  • Rubber Bands
  • String
Also Required
  • Clean quality water, filtered for the best results
  • Pot that can boil 1 gallon of water
  • Stirring Spoon
  • A dark and room temperature place to ferment
  • A Healthy SCOBY – Symbotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast
  • 1 Cup of Organic Turbinado Sugar
  • Loose Leaf Green or Black Tea
  • Post Fermentation Flavoring (fruit or herbs)
Before Starting

Clean all of the equipment with hot water and mild detergent. Rinse the equipment well.

Instructions to make Kombucha tea

First Fermentation Instructions

  1. Cut your muslin cloth into two square pieces. One will be used to let the jar breathe, and the other bit of cloth will be used to seep the tea.
  2. Depending on your preference of the strength of flavor of your tea, you may set aside up to 1 tbsp. of tea in the container for the future. Put the rest of the pre-measured tea in the muslin cloth and secure the tea bag with string. You may use your own tea infuser instead.
  3. Add one quart of water to your cooking pot and bring to a boil. When a boil is reached, turn off the burner.
  4. Place your tea infuser in the water and allow steeping for 5 minutes. Once ready, remove the tea infuser and discard the tea leaves.
  5. Add the pre-measured Turbinado Sugar to the pot and stir until completely dissolved.
  6. Let your sweet tea cool. Cover your pot.
  7. As your tea is cooling, fill half of your glass gallon container with room temperature water.
  8. Once the sweet tea has cooled to room temperature, pour the entire 1 quart tea mix into the gallon container.
  9. Pour in additional clean water until the water level reaches the neck of the gallon container (where it starts to curve). Leave 1 to 2 inches of room.
  10. Get your SCOBY, and pour the liquid and the SCOBY into the gallon container. Try and float the SCOBY on the top of the brew. It is ok if it sinks.
  11. Wrap one of the muslin cloth squares around the top of the gallon container and secure it with a rubber band. This prevents anything from entering the container while allowing the aerobic fermentation to breathe oxygen.
  12. Place the fermenting jar in a room temperature location (72° - 80° F) away from direct sunlight. Avoid shaking or disturb the gallon container. Allow it to ferment for 7 to 14 days.
  1. As the SCOBY ferments, you may see the SCOBY grow to cover the surface of the tea and to look goopy. This is normal and indicates healthy growth of the culture. If there is any mold, consult the internet. This is usually due to improper equipment cleaning.
  2. After 7 days, sample your kombucha. If the kombucha is too sweet, then allow it to ferment for another day or two. The flavor should have a tangy tartness to it before you add the fruit and the other flavoring. You can drink the Kombucha if you do not wish to flavor it (or if you accidently ate all of the fruit ;) ).
Bottling, Flavoring, and Storing
  1. If you would like to ferment again (with or without DIY Kombucha Kit ingredients), set aside 2 to 4 cups of the newly produced kombucha tea and your SCOBY for future batches in a new clean container. Store your SCOBY in an airtight container in the refrigerator if you would like to store it until next month.
  2. Try the flavoring, it's good, right? You may add the rest of the fruit in the jar. Create a pouch using the muslin cloth for the flavoring and secure with string in the gallon container for 48 hours at room temperature. Seal the container with the fermentation jar’s lid and store away from direct sunlight.
  3. After 48 hours, siphon your kombucha into any airtight bottle or to pitcher for you to store in the refrigerator. Avoid bringing over the fruit and flavoring from your fermenting gallon container. If you are storing in a closed glass vessel such as a mason jar or flip-top container, you may add the packets of sugar for added carbonation.
  4. When stored properly in the refrigerator, you should enjoy within 6 months.