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Passion makes perfect.


We scour the country for the perfect ingredients; always organic and fair-trade, of course.


With creative recipes, we source organic dried fruits and fair-trade organic tea leaves to your door.


Monthly flavors are designed to satisfy a range of tastes and dietary preferences, so brewing something amazing is eay!

Homebrewed Kombucha, perfected.

See a few recipes we have featured in the past:

Strawberry Basil

One of our personal favorites, this strawberry and basil flavoring yields a unique sweet and peppery taste.

Cherry Vanilla

Vanilla isn't just an ice cream flavor - it's also a great pairing with cherries for a unique kombucha taste!

Ginger Hibiscus

We loved the spicy taste of ginger kombucha, but until we added in the flowery goodness of hibiscus, we were missing out!

Blueberry Lemon

The sweet taste of blueberries combined with sour lemon balm makes for a great refreshing kombucha tea!

Inspired by our favorite childhood candies :)

For kombucha lovers, by kombucha lovers.

Booch Captain Erik loved kombucha, but felt something was missing. Instead of spending $4 on a bottle of kombucha at the store, he wanted to not only do something amazing, but BREW something amazing.

Every month, DIY Kombucha Kit employees work to ensure your organic kombucha tea ingredients are thoughtfully selected, responsibly sourced, and carefully handled from your order to your front door.

Questions about our DIY kombucha kit?

The answers to our most frequently asked questions are at your fingertips.


1. How do I access my recipes?

Printed recipe cards are included in your box, and a link will be provided for a digital copy.

2. My SCOBY is sick and I need a new one.

Email us at and we will send out a healthy SCOBY as soon as possible for free.

3. Can you accomodate food allergies?

We hold our food handlers to the highest expectation. We recommend you use your best judgment when considering dietary restrictions, but you can easily modify recipes by omitting ingredients you’d like to avoid.


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