How it all started

The first subscription kombucha brand didn't just start itself. HOWLinfuse borne itself out of strife and came out on top. 

The founders of HOWLinfuse had a vision to provide their customers with organic, fair-trade products and fun flavors which never could go out of style. Let's build a community of homebrewers they said.

Launched in Spring 2017, 102% funded on Kickstarter, and 100s of kombucha kits sent out later, the booch community is thriving and HOWLinfuse couldn't be happier to be apart of it!

As a company, HOWLinfuse is working one step at a time to help create a healthier, more just and sustainable food system. We are on a journey to do business in a different way. Each day, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and improve in everything we do, from where we  source to the final kombucha kit.  We have in place responsible sourcing practices to ensure that we are supplied with only ingredients that are organic and Certified Transitional.

In the beginning...

It was just after founder Jake Goss had his first sip of kombucha, brewed in the urban cityscape of Minneapolis, in spring of 2016. It was then that he had a clear and definite vision. Partnering up with a like minded spirit, they realized they could deliver the same fizz to homes within Minneapolis and beyond. 

100% Funded on Kickstarter

May 2017, Jake and Erik set off on a wild marketing adventure. The HOWLinfuse team set a goal for $2,500 in funding. It was a fun few weeks and a tremendous learning experience. By the end of the fundraising period, they reached their goal of 100% funding.

Watch HOWLinfuse's Kickstarter video below:

Partnering with a Local Food Business Incubator and Commercial Kitchen...

The next step was to partner with a local packaging kitchen. Turns out, there are a lot of hoops to jump through and we had to get a commercial food packaging license to properly prepare your kit.

After the Kickstarter ended, Erik became a Certified Food Safety Manager. Then, HOWLinfuse passed their exam with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and became fully licensed to handle food. During each month, HOWLinfuse team members hand curate the monthly subscription boxes to ensure the dried fruits and herbs used in the kombucha tea recipes are of highest quality.

Where we are today...

HOWLinfuse has established itself as the world FIRST kombucha tea subscription box with no clear competitor. Now, HOWLinfusers can enjoy locally sourced products, eco-friendly goodies, and Minnesota Nice in their very own home.

With 10+ combindations and flavors to choose from, you can experience the great taste of this fizzy drink.

Meet our team

Jake Goss-Kuehn

Co-Founder, Head Boochmaster

Favorite Thing About Kombucha:  The raw wholesome feeling that I get by doing at least one mindful thing every day  

Favorite Flavor: Cherry Vanilla

Erik Tozier

Co-Founder, Certified Food Manager, Booch Captain

Favorite Thing About Kombucha: the bubbly feeling inside his stomach after taking a refreshing swig

Favorite Flavor: Ginger Hibiscus


Brew, no, DO something amazing. 

Your new favorite kombucha isn't just delicious and homebrewed from raw ingredients; it helps increase organic farmland. 

The HOWLinfuse Homebrewing Kombucha Kit made with fragrant tea leaves and tenderly dried fruits for that familiarly rich mouth character. But that's not all - they're also Certified  Transitional. That means they are made with ingredients from farms in  the process of transitioning to  organic - no easy task. In fact, less  than 1% of farmland in the U.S. is certitified organic. 

So let's do something about it. Every time you enjoy a product with  the Certified Transitional seal, you're not only supporting farmers in  transition, you're also helping to increase that 1%. 

For a list of wholesalers we work with, see our sourcing story.


Prepared With Love From Minneapolis

Feel good knowing your Kombucha box was prepared with certified organic products in a the Midwest's homebrewing capital.  

Are you ready to start brewing yet?