Get your Organic Kombucha Subscription Kit, delivered monthly.

Countless combinations of flavoring and tea, goodies and merchandise for multi-month subscribers, and a growing community. 

These DIY Kombucha subscription kits make homebrewing fun and easy. Plus, the kombucha is delicious!

Starter Kit for a New Homebrewer

The DIY Kombucha Kit delivers EVERYTHING you need to homebrew your monthly supply of deliciously fizzy kombucha with our hand sourced ingredients and conscious equipment.

What's included in this subscription?

  • SCOBY provided - and if yours gets sick, we'll send you one free!
  • Responsibly sourced premium fruit, sugar, and spice to make a one gallon batch of kombucha tea.
  • Months 1, 4, 7, etc. come with a glass gallon jar.
  • Months 2, 5, 8, etc. come with flip top bottles.
  • A monthly suprise - merch, additional goodies, and more in months 3, 6, 9, etc.!
  • And everything else you need for your probiotic creation!

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1. What kind of goodies are included in the kits?

In the past, we have included clif bars and other organic treats, mason jars, unique tinkets, and merchandise.

2. Will you be providing me instructions on how to homebrew kombucha?

Printed recipe cards are included in your kit, and a link will be provided for a digital copy.

3. I live outside of the United States. Can you ship to me?

Unfortunately, at this point, we are not able to ship to people outside of the United States.

4. After paying for the kit, when will I receive my first month's shipment?

Our team ships out your hand curated kit at the end of the month. You should receive your first shipment (and all shipments after that) in the first few days of next month. We also send out an email telling you your kit has shipped.